4 Ways to make Vacuuming more fun

4 Ways to Make Vacuuming More Fun

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4 Ways to make Vacuuming more fun

Ok so lets face it, there are apparently some other activities that have been described as being more fun than vacuuming the dust off the living room carpet. However, the fact is that vacuuming can be both satisfying and enjoyable. If you are skeptical then check out these 4 ways to make your cleaning routine more fun:

1. Listen to music

Whether you are a fan of Justin Bieber, The Rolling Stones or Bach, you can enjoy the benefits of combining your favourite tracks with perhaps one of your least favourite activities – vacuuming. With the ease of listening to music on your smartphone these days, there really is no excuse! By plugging in and becoming energised by the music, you will find the rhythm of vacuuming practically like dancing and the job will be done in no time!

2. Make a game of it

Have you ever noticed that playing a game or sport is far more enjoyable than endlessly jogging on a running machine? well, the same applies for cleaning and vacuuming in particular. Why not give yourself a time limit for cleaning a particular room? perhaps the length of a song? By doing this you will race through the task at hand, and have a lot of fun doing it!

3. Provide an Incentive

One of the main reasons why we work hard in our jobs, apart from the satisfaction that it brings, is that we are looking to get rewarded for our efforts, whether in the form of time off, a promotion or bonus schemes. Well, you can apply the same principle to your chores. So set an incentive for vacuuming the entire house, for example, a bar of chocolate or a nice cup of tea on the sofa, catching up on the soaps.

4. Use the Right Equipment

Now it is true that a bad workman blames his tools but it is also true that poor quality equipment can make our lives a lot harder. So, we recommend choosing a vacuum cleaner that is easy to manoeuvre, with great suction power that will last a long time. This will prevent you from getting frustrated and ultimately despising the job of vacuuming. For that extra bit of fun, choose the Numatic Henry. His cheeky face is sure to raise a smile!

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